Friday, October 31, 2008

'Splain This One...

Went to our local video store today. A wonderful man runs it and he loves the kids and is so kind. We went to find something for Darcy and her three friends to watch tomorrow night during a sleepover and stock up for the weekend. Here in Turkey, movies get their own rating which is sometimes marked on the DVD, sometimes not. Once, I noticed that Team America was in the kids section. Yes, it was a puppet film but most assuredly NOT at all for children.

Today I went and as Lucas was cruising through the kids' section and begging me to get the first Fantastic Four movie, I noticed The Complete Persepolis. Animated but again, NOT for children. A fantastic book, and if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. But unless you want your kids to discover the graphic details about Iranian politics and culture during the Islamic revolution, I wouldn't recommend it.

On the flip side, Nancy Drew (the remake starring Emma Roberts) was in the grownup section and rating 18+. Huh?? I tried to read any of the Turkish on the back but no luck. I kept inspecting it to see why it was rated 18+, if maybe I missed something the first time around and half afraid I would inadvertently show 4 9- and 10-year-old girls graphic violence or sex. Or what if it was one of those cleverly renamed porn flicks?? Oh my goodness - can you imagine the phones calls from the other moms afterward!

Brought it home anyway. I think I will do a quick fast forward after the kids go to bed just to double check.

Happy Halloween!

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Izmir-2-blogger said...

Turkish authorities are very concerned i believe about what a child should or shouldn't see. All of the channels are rated in the evenings. Although i am a little concerned they go to far sometimes. After 9 O'clock when the kids are in bed, or should be, and even if the shows are rated they still don't show films and some shows as they were supposed to be shown. In the UK a little bit of blood doesn't harm anyone. The content in many Turkish series are pretty bad anyhow, so even though you don't see the person with a knife in their back with blood oozing out, you do however hear everything there is to know about depression, substance abuse the insides of a prison and other subjects i don't think a 4-10 year old should be watching.

To sum up although they have these ratings on DVD's still be careful because as you say, "you never know!"