Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, I have been such a reluctant blogger. I must be better about posting. Will make an early- to mid-year resolution to improve. I have to admit there have been times where I think "Oh, that would make for a good blog entry" and then convince myself that it's too boring or self-absorbed or complicated to explain. Then I find another blogger somewhere who's even more boring or self-absorbed or explaining something ridiculous and don't feel so bad. Or by the time I have the time to write about it, my middle-aged mind doesn't remember what I was going to write in the first place.

So what have been our adventures in expat parenting lately? Life in general, I suppose. Broken bones, school trips, homework supervision and the like. We spent nearly an hour in a clothing store with the 7-year-old boy trying on jeans and shirts to replace the jeans with holes in every knee and shirts that have suddenly become too small. Everything is European sizing in centimeters which I have figured out, though each time I shop I have to take a minute and remember. But, annoyingly, 7-year-old boy refused to let anyone else in the changing room with him and had to try everything on himself. This, as you can imagine, made the process take muuuuuch longer than necessary. He did manage to strike a pose every time he came out which did add some comic value of the entire procedure.

We are also processing through the fact that we are moving to Hong Kong in June. While everyone is excited, the impending move has thrown an emotional wrench into the entire family. Preteen girl is most susceptible and is a bit like a ticking time bomb at the moment.

I realized while thinking about moving that we will have been here 4 years when we move which is the longest I have lived in any apartment or house since I was 18. Now that's weird.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jenn.
Just thought about you and your fam. So the move is going on! Keep calm, have a wine (or bottle or more) and a half year later, you are seattled in a whole new world.
Toi-toi-toi, xxx Lia Miss you

Musings from Me said...

You're back! I agree about the posting. I sometimes think about something funnny while I'm out. Once I'm home I either don't remember or it doesn't seem so funny.

Will you go to HK first to check things out? What are the schools like?

Katie said...

Hey Cousin Jenn! When are you guys moving to Hong Kong??? I'll be in Thailand until July 3, maybe we could rendezvous somewhere? Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
My friend Ruta Puskorius directed me to your site. Ruta and I were neighbours in Mexico City. Now on my husband's radar is Istanbul and some other locations. (typical expat life - I'm a fanatic about researching the various countries for several reasons but initially I need to be able to speak intelligently as to why one country would be better over another - I'm always hopeful that I will be given a choice!) Anyway, I've just finished reading several of your notes - they are very enlightening! Ruta said your children attended the Brit. school and she felt that you may have encountered similar situations that we encountered at the Brit. school in Mexico City. Anyway, if you have a moment and could email me I have some questions for you. My email is
Thank you. Enjoy Hong Kong.
P.S. If you were given a choice between Hong Kong or Turkey what would you choose? My big issue is education for a 2nd grader and 5th grader. Thank you!