Monday, May 28, 2007

I was feeling a bit down. Until I read this:

From The Washington Post, Sunday, May 20th edition:

I am reading about diabolical Christian cults and Kabbalah in "Foucault's Pendulum," while waiting for my daughter as she learns Indian classical music and Hindu hymns from a Muslim originally from Afghanistan. The other students include an African American lady, a mother and daughter from Bangladesh and a massage therapist who rents a car just to come to class. There are also Boy Scouts in full regalia meeting in a room around the corner. And a ballet troupe in pretty pink tutus, practicing for an upcoming event in the big hall. All in an Episcopal Church in the suburbs. I love America.

Sanjiev Chattopadhya

Sanjiev, you rock! Thanks for bringing me up out of my funk.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Need A Job!

Good golly, I miss working. I can close my eyes and remember the days of working from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Deadlines, no time for lunch, industry reading at home. OK... no, that part I don't miss.

But the past 2 years have been HARD. I'm a much better wife and momma when I have something else that needs my attention every now and then. I worked part-time while in Bangkok and that schedule was perfect. OK, the pay wasn't great but it was enough to pad our vacation fund.

But here. Oy! No work permit, no job. And just try getting one of those. Precious commodity.

Right now I'm trying to start a freelance writing career. I've been reading, getting motivated, even wrote a few articles and am working on ghostwriting a book. I just need to get it all coordinated and keep the momentum rolling.

Meanwhile, we're making it work on one income like so many other families.

And I'm chairing the school's annual Fun Day. A full day of kiddo fun at school - games, activity stalls, cotton candy, bouncy castle, whoo-wee. And a big push to help the school's charity. A great one that hits close to home. One of the school's staff members has a daughter who needed a kidney transplant earlier this year. Yikes! A 10-year old.

Their insurance covered some but as usual, there are extra costs. The family had to essentially move near the facility that had the best chance of getting a kidney soon. So, they borrowed 50,000 YTL (about $35,000) to save her life. It's what you do for your kids, isn't it. We'd all do the same thing.

Of course, Turkish salaries for lower management aren't exactly generous. The charity this year has given the kids a chance to see exactly how they can affect one person's life for the better. A good lesson for all of us.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

My New Blog! OK, I've spent a good chunk of Saturday early morning setting this up while Disney Channel plays in the background. Not exactly quality mommy-time, but whatever. Why is it that all these things never get done while they are at school? Why do I come up with my brainstorms at the most inapparopriate times? And why didn't I realize before I had kids exactly how much you can get done between the hours of 6-11 p.m. My goodness, knowing what I get accomplished now during that time, I should've had a PhD before I even popped out kiddo #1 8 years ago.

Our live at the moment sounds so very ordinary. Darcy at a sleepover, Matt still snoozing, Lucas sitting in his T-shirt and Spiderman underwear watching TV. His legs are covered with little boy mystery bruises. The war injuries of every 5-year-old.

Matt just came back from Croatia a day ago and brought back bacon! Pork products (yes, we live in a Muslim country)! Off to make eggs and bacon for breakfast. Yum! A real treat.