Saturday, May 19, 2007

My New Blog! OK, I've spent a good chunk of Saturday early morning setting this up while Disney Channel plays in the background. Not exactly quality mommy-time, but whatever. Why is it that all these things never get done while they are at school? Why do I come up with my brainstorms at the most inapparopriate times? And why didn't I realize before I had kids exactly how much you can get done between the hours of 6-11 p.m. My goodness, knowing what I get accomplished now during that time, I should've had a PhD before I even popped out kiddo #1 8 years ago.

Our live at the moment sounds so very ordinary. Darcy at a sleepover, Matt still snoozing, Lucas sitting in his T-shirt and Spiderman underwear watching TV. His legs are covered with little boy mystery bruises. The war injuries of every 5-year-old.

Matt just came back from Croatia a day ago and brought back bacon! Pork products (yes, we live in a Muslim country)! Off to make eggs and bacon for breakfast. Yum! A real treat.

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