Saturday, September 20, 2008

Signs that our overseas lifestyle is paying off...

In the car on the way to Saturday morning soccer:

Lucas: Who's running for president again?
Me: Obama and McCkain
Lucas: McCain?? That's an odd name. What's his first name?
Me: John. John McCain. And Barak Obama.
Lucas: John McCain. That sounds so weird.
Me: What about Barak Obama? Does that sound strange to you?
Lucas: No. Why would it?

And one more small rant, directed to the people at Dell -

Do you think that everyone works in a dark cave? The ulta-beautiful, super-color monitor looks great at night. But with any small amount of light, it performs better as a mirror than as a computer screen. Is it just my aging eyes? You should add a warning when you are ordering your computer online.

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Sandra said...

Absolutely brilliant!
He's quite right too - I'm sure Barak Obama sounds a lot more Turkish than John McCain ;-)