Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anybody else remember the Sears Wish Book? You would come home from school one day...and there it was. Smaller than the regular Fall catalog, which had just arrived a few weeks earlier and was full of boring stuff like Tuffskins and sensible Carter's underwear, the Wish Book was just for kids. All of the latest toys, games, and your every Christmas desire. My brother and sister and I would page through it, time and time again, pouring over every entry, skipping the "baby" toys, turning down the pages on the things we wanted most of all, marking it up with a pen, making, revising, and revising again the precious list for Santa.

Well, we don't have a Sears here, or a Wish Book, and no matter how you look at it, scrolling through the Toys 'R Us website just doesn't hold the same thrill. So when my mom sent the Legos and E-Toys catalogs I requested, my childhood came rushing back. Lucas has SLEPT with the Legos catalog for the past 2 nights. He has memorized each and every item, well aware of which he can request because they are for Ages 6-12. He's reserved the 16+ items for Christmas in 10 years when he assures me he will be waiting anxiously for the Star Wars Death Star model he currently doesn't qualify for.

It's so sweet to see the smallest things make the kids so excited. The odd package of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, a Nick Jr. magazine from 5 months ago that Lucas "rediscovered" in his room, the bottle of Heinz BBQ sauce a friend sent home via her son and delivered to Darcy to bring to me. "Mom! It's from America!" she exclaimed as she brought it out of her bookbag.

Absence does make the heart grown fonder.

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sau101 said...

Hi Jennifer,
I think I read all your blogs for 2007. Very funny! Well, I am a Turkish mom living in Baltimore MD with my 3 children ages 5 and under (and husband of course - not a good idea to raise three by yourself); and we might be moving to Istanbul (my home town from 11 years ago) this summer. So I laughed a lot because I can understand both sides (the happiness a bottle of BBQ sauce brings and your story about your flat tire, your tea consumption and new friends you made; too funny!)
Hey, I am just trying to prepare myself mentally to this move, I would love to correspond with you (now and when we move if you are still living in Istanbul). I have a gazillion questions about life with children in Istanbul with an American twist. My friends and family are helpless when I ask about soccer leagues for example. And I might help you as well if there are still questions about life in Istanbul. My e-mail is and my name is Serra. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and you are enjoying the holiday season. Take care!