Sunday, October 14, 2007

A note for all my New York compadres or visitors to the Big Apple -- if you find yourself in Union Square and want to check out some cool art, visit Frances Goodwin's acupuncture office. There you'll find some really fun and funky prints by my friend Pip Moran, a talented, funny, sassy Aussie we know from our Thailand days. Pip has returned to Oz and continues to create fresh, colorful, whimsical art. Matt and I have a Pip Moran original which we cherish. I think of all my Bangkok posse every time I look at it. Pip's art will be on display at

Frances Goodwin Space
One Union Square West
Suite 914 (9th floor)
New York, NY

You will have to call to check on hours for viewing as the art space doubles as an acupuncturist's office. You can also see Pip's work on her website:

The art will be on display starting in November. Enjoy!

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Pip said...

Hey jenn,

How are you doing? I hope those recalcitrant retinas of yours are behaving themselves.

I just dropped into to your blog to catch up on your life and times when I chanced upon my own name! Wow! I got a personal mention in Jenn's blog! Nay, not merely a mention, but a fantastic rap!

Thank you for your lovely words. But more importantly, GET WELL SOON.

Lots of love to you,